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Johnson & Nicholson has had a long standing history in New Zealand where three generations of the family have left their mark in the process of transforming what began as a very modest family business into a worldwide conglomerate it is today.

Our history began in 1950s when, in a small township called Hamilton, Johnson & Nicholson (New Zealand) Ltd was established as a general merchandising wholesale company focused in bringing reliable, dependable and quality products for the market needs. Our aim was to sell all quality products at the most competitive prices. In addition to that, it was also our goal to deliver the most efficient and most effective services that meet our customers' needs.

As a trusted brand in the market, Johnson & Nicholson is driven by stakeholder value creation in a highly competitive environment. The Group places emphasis on delivering an enhanced customer experience via continuous customer service quality improvements and innovations, whilst focusing on increased operational efficiency and productivity. Since we cover a wide range of markets and industries, we believe that there is no business that we cannot accommodate. We could provide our clients with the most integrated and unique approach when it comes to meeting their needs. We have a huge inventory and variety available in multiple product lines. You will like it more doing business with us because of the following:

○  Quality
○  Control Brands
○  Unique and Personal Service
○  Competitive Prices
○  Fast Shipping/Delivery  

○  Wide Varieties

Johnson & Nicholson remains steadfast in their desire to build an honest reputation among their customers, and continue with the values that  motivated the company's in their 70 year’s history– tenacity, dedication, determination, loyalty to employees and a strong desire to contribute to deserving causes in the community. Our values – serving customers with a smile, good policies, positive approach helps to push our boundaries further ahead, and guide us to do all the right things for generations to come.

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