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Employment Matchmaking: About


AVANTAS is a division of Johnson & Nicholson which has been specializing in the matching of qualified accountants and accounting-based staff to employers in Malaysia for over a decade.  Based on our experience throughout the years of having matched numerous eligible candidates and organization-based clients, just based on a short but detailed interview by us carried out together with our clients, we are already able to visualize what kind of candidate will meet the employer’s requirements.

Again, with our vast experience and expertise in knowing who makes a good candidate for a particular organization, we are able to ensure that both the employer and employee are satisfied with the outcome. This is how we are able to establish ourselves as the leading accounting matching agency in Malaysia.

In the end, our goal is to see both our Malaysian and foreign clients being satisfied in finding the right staff, while for the employees, we also endeavor to sign them onto a stable and long-term career. Because of our dedication, our clients have faith that they will always get the best matching service from us.

From general trading to well established manufacturing concerns, whether you are an SME or a large conglomerate, no company is too big or small for us. We tailor our services for each individual business, so that they can work together on the same goals, ambitions and dreams. 

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