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Career Opportunities

As an employee of Johnson & Nicholson, you are not just part of an international group whose aims is to market products whose qualities are synonymous with some of the best in the world. When you join us, you have entered a corporate zone where "caring for our employees" gets serious and active attention from the Senior Management. After all, this is a corporate philosophy that not only makes simple sense but one which has paid rich dividends for us.
Taking care of our employees - the internal customers - means our service providers will be geared up to do things right for our external customers. Developing our human resources also enables our company to forge ahead and enhance its market leadership.
With Johnson & Nicholson, it is basically a career, not just a job!
What is the difference between a job and career? A job is a source of income. A career is an avenue for personal growth. Although promotion is strictly performance-based, we do admit to having a preference for home-grown talent. That's because when people join Johnson & Nicholson, they sign up for a career and not just a job. The statistics speak for itself - almost 80% of middle-level and senior management staff hail from within the ranks!
Did we also mention the other benefits like top of the line commission schemes, overseas travels, a stint to work in our New Zealand head office, long service rewards & awards, target performance awards etc.? Well, we'll just leave those for conversation when we meet you. But for that to happen, we would like you to first send us your RESUME.

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