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ECOMATE belongs to a range of everyday household products which are mainly environmentally friendly packagings, double-sided adhesive tapes, glue dots, anti-slip pads, household, bathroom accessories, promotion gifts. We are also a specialist in the supply of bio-degradable compostable PLA& Starch material and series products, such as disposable tableware, tray, straw, agriculture film and plant/seed pot, and starch-based packing foam. These products are developed as biodegradable under the situation of compost.

Biodegradation is the property of a material that can be completely converted into water, CO2, and biomass through the action of microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria. Biodegradable plastics have the ability to be degraded by microorganisms present in the environment by entering the microbial food chain.

Ecomate 1: Products
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Go green so there will be a tomorrow

 Live life cleaner by making Earth greener

Walk away from the mean team and join the green team.

Ecomate 1: About
Ecomate 1: About
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