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KleenFresh is specially formulated from “environmentally green ingredients” to make your laundry routine easier and cleaner too while allowing your clothes to last longer and improve your quality of life. KleenFresh is tough on stains but gentle on your skin.

KleenFresh helps to fight tough stains and leave your clothes clean and fresh with powerful all “StainKleen” which are basically stainlifter laundry detergent enzymes developed by Johnson & Nicholson more than 2 decades ago. The concentrated cleaning power and active StainKleen enzymes is super-strong and will effectively lifts tough stains on fabric. This concentrated formula delivers 2X more cleaning power in every drop so that you don’t have to use so much to fight tough stains and thus affords you greater saving. This detergent is safe to use in any model of washing machine.

KleenFresh are designed to meet not only the needs of consumers and address modern laundry trends, but also the high performance standards set for all products carrying the “KleenFresh” brand.

KleenFresh: Products
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