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Mobile Walk In Bathtub

Innovating from the belief that the elderly and mobility disabled persons should get better privilege and personal time in bathing, we invented the PlaxiBath with its portability and ease of access in mind.
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  • Inaccessibility to the bathroom due to limited mobility would be a major issue of the past. With PlaxiBath, by bringing the apparatus to the nearest and most convenience area for the caring ones, it functions by bringing the bathroom to them. Just by attaching few hoses for the water inlet and outlet together with electrical plug for the water heater and water pump to keep the water warm and circulating, the PlaxiBath is ready to serve its purpose in giving personal hygiene to the needy.​

  • The PlaxiBath is also equipped with a water filtration system to improve water quality and the water can be recycled and reducing water usage and wastage.

  • The state-of-the-art drawbridge style door, functioning as walking platform and retaining wall would be the one-and-only in the world that allows a person to enter the bathing compartment together with their wheelchair. The locking and the water tight rubber seal design ensures that no leakage will happen during bathing sessions. Its monocoque body will also ensure the PlaxiBath’s ability in restraining the pressure and load.

  • The PlaxiBath was designed to accommodate industry-standard equipment so that the user can attach other equipment such as preferred water heater models.

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1. Easy to Enter

PlaxiBATH is easier and safer to enter than a conventional bathtub. As opposed to a conventional bathtub in which a user has to step over a tub wall, a user using PlaxiBATH is able to walk directly into the bathtub and sit comfortably on the bath chair.

2. Mobility

The PlaxiBATH is so designed to have mobility.  It can be moved to any part of the house and easily loaded onto a vehicle and taken anywhere. It allows freedom to the user to take bath anywhere such as right by their bedside.

3. Installation Flexibility

As PlaxiBATH is mobile, it can be installed in any part of the house as long as there is electricity and water supply available.

4. Built-In Seat

The structure of PlaxiBATH has the added benefit of a seat over a conventional walk-in shower.

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5. Panic Button Facilities

PlaxiBATH also provided panic button facilities. In times of an emergency, the user can pull a special handle or lever to stop the pouring of water and simultaneously drain the water from the bathtub.

6. Hot Air Facilities

During winter, PlaxiBATH allows user to activate hot/warm air to be blown from bath-seat.

7. Communication Facility

While taking their bath, the PlaxiBATH allows user to communicate with care-givers or family members through a built in wireless communication device.

8. Safety Restraint Device

PlaxiBATH includes a safety-belt device to restrain the handicap or elderly individuals from sliding or falling from their seat.

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9. Available in Many Sizes

PlaxiBATH comes in 4 different sizes XL, L, M and S to suit different body built.

10. Built for Privacy

PlaxiBATH is built for privacy. Once the drawbridge door closes the entrance, outsider’s view is blocked and thus providing privacy for the user.

11. Recycled Water Facilities

PlaxiBATH is built with a modern and efficient membrane water filter that is able to clean and filter used bath water and thus allowing the user to continue showering in case of water shortage.

12. Versatile & Modern Finish

PlaxiBATH has inbuilt water storage tank system with 30 litres of capacity along with a modern design and finishing.

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