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Height Adjustable Speed Bump (with Sensor)

PlaxiBUMP: About

Speed bumps are used for discouraging drivers from driving vehicles with excessive speed. These are typically comprised of concrete or solid humps that form a transverse ridge in the road and are generally above the road surface. The vehicles while passing over the hump undergo a jolt, hence the drivers are discouraged from traveling at high speed.

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The PlaxiBUMP is a height adjustable speed bump which allows it to control traffic speed by adjusting its deflection height or completely retracting itself while also being able to halt traffic altogether by raising fully, forming a barrier. This invention aids with roadblocks, roads neighboring schools, security checkpoints, and even conventional roads allowing for improved traffic control, by effectively functioning as a road bump with an “off” switch and barrier functionality.

PlaxiBUMP: About


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  • Capable of altering bump height, allowing for increased/decreased deflection according to traffic conditions

  • Bump height can be adjusted to minimum to effectively “turn off” the bump, allowing vehicles to pass over as if there was no road bump at all

  • Equipped with sensors that track the number of vehicles going overhead and their respective speed and can transmit this information wirelessly to a receiver

  • Bump height can be raise to maximum to become a road barrier, useful for impromptu roadblock scenarios or for security checkpoints

  • Bump height adjustments can be triggered manually, set on a schedule, or actively react to traffic conditions

PlaxiBUMP: About


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