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Inflatable & Portable Platform


Floating rafts are normally used to transport or carry personnel on the surface of still water, being inflatable so that the apparatus can be easily stored, carried and deployed as needed. But due to its specific usage, it is only appropriate for certain tasks. The Plaxiform was developed to provide a sturdy inflatable platform that can be transformed into either a life raft, walking platform or a floating storage space for personal belongings, safe from water hazards. It is designed in such a way that the device maintains stability and structural integrity so that it can be stacked for better buoyancy or lined up to form walking pathways.

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The PlaxiForm provides great benefit to communities commonly affected by floods. Life threatening situations leave little room for error and require tremendous effort during rescue operations. The PlaxiFORM aims to be the prime choice for rescue teams during life-threatening situations as a floatable mobile platform.

PlaxiFORM: About
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  • Made from rigid and durable material that allows PlaxiForm to be deployed under hazardous conditions and avoid puncture by sharp debris on the side wall.

  • The PlaxiForm has interconnected Multiple Booms for easy storage, low cost maintenance and customized deployment. It’s been designed in standard 2 X 1.5 meter measurements in order for it to be easily carried to the affected area via pickup or lorry. Once deployed, the PlaxiForm can be arranged according to the situation.

  • Non-laborious Modular Connector for easy and fast deployment will ensure a fast deployment.

  • The internal assembly of the PlaxiForm will be supported by an array of collapsible pillars that gives the stiffness to the structure and rigidity to support heavy loads.

  • The Plaxiform will work under various conditions. Be it in river, mud, quicksand or snow, its solid and flat surface allows the load to be distributed evenly.


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