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Inflatable & Portable Elevation Stage

PlaxiSTAGE: About

PlaxiSTAGE is specially designed as an elevation stage which can be used for staging a performance or giving a speech etc. Usage of this innovation would help to eleminate the laborious work, time and cost involved in setting up such a stage. To set up PlaxiSTAGE is very easy. All you need is a pump to inflate the single layer platforms and depending on how high the stage is required, you just lump the required number of layers on top of one another and secure them tightly. As such one can erect such a stage in a very short time.
And when the event is over, in the usual circumstances of getting a contractor to dismantle a very complicated stage. PlaxiSTAGE can be dismantled by just deflating all the layers and after that keep the device inside a cupboard for future use. Imagine how useful is this innovation as you can re-use it over and over again without incurring new costs.

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PlaxiSTAGE: Text
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