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                   RAYTONA CHAINSAW OIL



A high performance two-stroke engine oil developed for use in all makes of air-cooled, chainsaw engines where the oil is mixed with fuel in whatever percentage as specified by the engine builder. It is formulated by using the most modern additive technology together with selected base oils to provide optimum performances.


Possess good detergent dispersant properties to minimize the formation of lacquers, gums and carbon deposits in the piston grooves, thus ensuring that the rings stay free even at high temperatures usually experienced by all air cooled chainsaw engines.

A medium ash content enabling high engine performances is achieved while ensuring that combustion chamber deposits and pre-ignition and fouling of spark plugs, exhaust ports and manifolds are minimized.


  • High adherence to metal surfaces
    High adherence to chainsaw and cutter bars which ensures reduced oil consumption even at speeds in excess of 20 m/s

  • High anti-wear protection
    Protects chainsaws and cutter bars from excessive wear and provides long equipment life

  • High rust & corrosion protection
    Inhibits the corrosion process that occurs in presence of water, improving equipment life

  • Low temperature protection
    Ensures proper protection of equipment components during cold starts

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