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World’s First Rotating Bathtub

RotoBATH is meant for people of all conditions and age. It is not only meant to be used by the aged seniors and people with mobility difficulties, but can also be used by children. Furthermore, because of its unique and attractive pod-like shape and cradle, combined and coupled with a futuristic look in its appearance, they are a “must have” home device for families who love to have hi-tech equipment inside their home. RotoBATH comes with many built-in facilities to ensure that the user is able to have a safe and comfortable bath.

RotoBATH: About

RotoBATH “The World's First Rotating Bathtub

Are RotoBATH just an ordinary walk-in bathtub?

Although RotoBATH are walk-in bathtubs specially designed for seniors and people with mobility difficulties they however can also be used by the whole family regardless of their physical conditions or age. RotoBATH is far easier and safer to enter than a conventional bathtub. Furthermore because of their unique and attractive shape like a pod and cradle combined and coupled with a futuristic look in its appearance, they are therefore a “must have” home device for families who love hi-tech equipment in their home. Other than functioning as a bathtub for bathing, it also comes with many built in facilities for user added ease of usage, safety and enjoyment during their bath.

RotoBATH is consist of a rotating pod with a bath-chair built inside but is designed in such a way that the pod will moved independently from the chair which is built to be stationary. The pod is hinged on a set of rolling pins pivoted against a set of enclosed mechanical gears which is enclosed inside a metal compartment, which on activation will enabled the bathtub to rotate from vertical to horizontal position. The rotation functions are all pre-programmed before use.

When the switch is put on “start” mode, the position of the entrance into the pod would be directly facing the user based on a vertical position while 2 sets of barrier gates situated on both the left and right side of the pod would be automatically extended outwards. Their action is to prevent anybody from standing too near to the bath especially when the pod is starting to rotate. When a user wants to take a bath, all they need to do is to walk into the interior of the bath device, sit down comfortably while for those with special needs they should be strapped with the safety harness hanging from the top rear of their seat before activating the pod to move to the next stage.

On activation, the pod will slowly rotate from horizontal to a vertical position. When it reaches its pre-programmed level, the device will stop immediately. Thereafter user can choose and activate the activity or functions they like which include:

1)         Warm or hot air blowing from their seat and side-walls. This function is

            especially important to keep the user warm during winter season as it may

            take up to 15 minutes to get the bathtub filled. The same goes for when

            water is being drained when they have finished their bath.

2)         Hot, cold or warm water coming in through inlet pipe or shower. User can

            also opt for our latest innovation "Spiderex" which is consist of an gedget

            which looks like a harness that is sling infront of the user and where hot or

            warm water is spray out from it directly onto the body of the user thereby

            keeping him warm while water is being filled.

3)         Activate water recycling system to enable their bath water to be recycled

            for use again. This is only useable if user just want a shower bath.

4)         Engage the audio or video system

5)         Activate "Vibrator" which enable the bath chair to start vibrating

6)         Switching on communications channels to speak to someone

            outside using the inbuilt WIFI system.

User may choose to soak themselves inside a full bathtub of water or just shower. Once they finished their bath, user can activate to release the bathwater and at the same time switch on the hot/warm air again if the surroundings conditions are too cold.

Once the water is totally drained, the pod will automatically rotate itself back to its original vertical position. On reaching its designated position, it will stop and user can exit right away.

User can also opt for a higher end model "Proto G" which allows user to enjoy the comfort of having hot air blows from outside of the bath device after they have stepped out thereby keeping their body warm while they are drying their body or to wear clothes. This model also comes with voice recognition and activation facilities whereby after the bath, the user can interract with bath device and have a friendly conversation with it.

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Rotating Design

  • The RotoBATH eliminates the use of a sealed internal compartment with a door, instead rotating the suspended bathtub between its default vertically upright, and horizontally lying positions.

  • This removes the need for navigation through an opening as a user can simply walk in or out of the bathtub when in its default vertically upright position.

Suited for Comfort

  • The RotoBATH’s rotating design allows users to take a bath in a more natural lying position akin to a regular bathtub, making baths more comfortable.

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1. Easy to Enter

RotoBATH is easier and safer to enter than a conventional bathtub. As opposed to a conventional bathtub in which a user has to step over a tub wall, a user using RotoBATH is able to walk directly into the bathtub and sit comfortably on the bath chair.

2. Mobility

The RotoBATH is so designed to have mobility.  It can be moved to any part of the house and easily loaded onto a vehicle and taken anywhere. It allows freedom to the user to take bath anywhere such as right by their bedside.

3. Installation Flexibility

As RotoBATH is mobile, it can be installed in any part of the house as long as there is electricity and water supply available.

4. Built-In Seat

The structure of RotoBATH has the added benefit of a seat over a conventional walk-in shower.

RotoBATH: About

5. Panic Button Facilities

RotoBATH also provided panic button facilities. In times of an emergency, the user can pull a special handle or lever to stop the pouring of water and simultaneously drain the water from the bathtub.

6. Hot Air Facilities

During winter, RotoBATH allows user to activate hot/warm air to be blown from bath-seat.

7. Communication Facility

While taking their bath, the RotoBATH allows user to communicate with care-givers or family members through a built in wireless communication device.

8. Safety Restraint Device

RotoBATH includes a safety-belt device to restrain the handicap or elderly individuals from sliding or falling from their seat.

RotoBATH: About

9. Available in Many Sizes

RotoBATH comes in 4 different sizes XL, L, M and S to suit different body built.

10. Built for Privacy

RotoBATH is built for privacy. Once the drawbridge door closes the entrance, outsider’s view is blocked and thus providing privacy for the user.

11. Recycled Water Facilities

RotoBATH is built with a modern and efficient membrane water filter that is able to clean and filter used bath water and thus allowing the user to continue showering in case of water shortage.

12. Versatile & Modern Finish

RotoBATH has inbuilt water storage tank system with 30 litres of capacity along with a modern design and finishing.

RotoBATH: About


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