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Floating Device (Tsunami Rescue Craft)

TsunaPAD: About

TsunaPAD is basically designed as a floating craft to be used mainly by tsunami victims as and when they need to flee from a tsunami disaster. The craft body is filled all round with polystrene polymers forming a hollow round shape cyinder and the top is covered by a cone shape plexiglass enclosure. Due to its lightweight design, TsunaPAD is able to withstand strong and turbulent waters usually encoutered during a tsunami attack. In order to ensure that the craft will not toppled due to some extra strong waves, the craft comes with an inbuilt tail section that can open up to act as a balast section to stabilise the craft.
Furthermore inside the craft there are many special “glove box” type compartments which can be used for storing food, clothes, medicine, oxygen, etc so that in the event the craft is floated out to the open seas, the user is able to survive for a number of days while waiting for their govt. to locate them through their registered number.

TsunaPAD: Text


TsunaPAD: Text
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