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Innovating from the belief that the elderly and mobility disabled persons should get better privilege and personal time in bathing, we invented the PlaxiBath with its portability and ease of access in mind.

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RotoBATH is meant for people of all conditions and age. It is not only meant to be used by the aged seniors and people with mobility difficulties, but can also be used by children. Furthermore, because of its unique and attractive pod-like shape and cradle, combined and coupled with a futuristic look in its appearance, they are a “must have” home device for families who love to have hi-tech equipment inside their home. RotoBATH comes with many built-in facilities to ensure that the user is able to have a safe and comfortable bath.

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The Economical Constructed Bathtub

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The Luxury Designed Bathtub

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The DIY Bathtub

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The Plaxiform was developed to provide a sturdy inflatable platform that can be transformed into either a life raft, walking platform or a floating storage space for personal belongings, safe from water hazards. It is designed in such a way that the device maintains stability and structural integrity so that it can be stacked for better buoyancy or lined up to form walking pathways.

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The PlaxiGuard is the solution that we at iMagic-Box have developed. The PlaxiGuard is a flood control barrier that alleviates all the issues that come with using sand bags, thereby providing a more effective means of flood control. It’s been designed using lightweight materials and allows for modular assembly to allow a person to carry and assemble it according to their needs.

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TsunaPAD is basically designed as a floating craft to be used mainly by tsunami victims as and when they need to flee from a tsunami disaster. The craft body is filled all round with polystrene polymers forming a hollow round shape cyinder and the top is covered by a cone shape plexiglass enclosure. Due to its lightweight design, TsunaPAD is able to withstand strong and turbulent waters usually encoutered during a tsunami attack. In order to ensure that the craft will not toppled due to some extra strong waves, the craft comes with an inbuilt tail section that can open up to act as a balast section to stabilise the craft.

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PlaxiBAR is designed as a safety barrier for racing bikes whether they are motorcycles or bicycles.
It is consist of a few layers of hollowed platforms secured tightly to one another. The first 3 layers of these platforms will be filled with compressed air while the last layer will be with water. Inside each of the platforms are clusters of supporting beams make of plastic.

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PlaxiSTAGE is specially designed as an elevation stage which can be used for staging a performance or giving a speech etc. Usage of this innovation would help to eleminate the laborious work, time and cost involved in setting up such a stage. To set up PlaxiSTAGE is very easy. All you need is a pump to inflate the single layer platforms and depending on how high the stage is required, you just lump the required number of layers on top of one another and secure them tightly. As such one can erect such a stage in a very short time.

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Speed bumps are used for discouraging drivers from driving vehicles with excessive speed. These are typically comprised of concrete or solid humps that form a transverse ridge in the road and are generally above the road surface. The vehicles while passing over the hump undergo a jolt, hence the drivers are discouraged from traveling at high speed.

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